How to Jailbreak iOS 12 on iPhone & iPad 2019 (4 Ways)

Jailbreak iOS 12

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How to Jailbreak iOS 12 on iPhone & iPad 2019 (4 Ways)
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Jailbreaking is the next important iOS update for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This new update has new improvements and features. The iOS 12 feature provides an improvement in performance, Memoji that makes the user turn into an Animoji; with several customization options as well, there are developments in the photo app, the shortcuts in Siri that will give the automation workflows.

There are still a lot more features that can be enjoyed in the ios 12 jailbreaks. You can install the iFile that will give you the accessibility to the file system. There are options to the message customizer that will help you to change each function in the message and you will have the accessibility to lock the apps you want to keep safe and protected. You can even lock your file that needs protection with touch id. These are the innumerable things you can do with a jailbreak iOS 12.

4 Ways Jailbreak iOS 12 on iPhone & iPad: A Definitive Tutorial

Jailbreak iOS 12
Jailbreak iOS 12

There were several speculations whether the jailbreak ios 12 was actually released to the public or not and many users were unsure to continue with the update. It was not definite if the hackers have released it or not. However, the most awaited news came to the light. The ios 12 betas were already jailbroken meaning that it was released.

The security researcher named Chen of KeenLab jailbreak the ios 12 and he managed it easily to benefit the public. He did it in his iPhone. He also published the demo to jailbreak where the users can refer to it to do the jailbreaking on their own. But now let’s see the ways in which you can jailbreak the ios 12 in your iPhone. Here are the methods that will allow you to effectively install the jailbreak app.

1. iOS 12 Jailbreak Using TweakMo

TweakMo is the most reliable method to jailbreak iOS 12. This TweakMo app has lots of jailbreaking tools, apps, and the jailbreak tweaks to enhance the working of your device. You can install the app by IPA method or with the help of a PC or Mac. You can also enable the process with a Cydia compacter.


You can even use the online installation method for this process. There are many methods, all for the sole purpose of jailbreaking Apple iOS 12 devices. The TweakMo supports the version iOS 12, and earlier (not tested though). If you are amazed at the excellence package of the TweakMo use it and it will prove advantageous to you.

installing tweaksmo;

  1. First of all, download the tweaksmo profile (Click this link to download).
  2. Open the profile and allow for permission, it will be opened in the Settings for installation.Install tweaksmo profile
  3. Tap install, enter the passcode when it prompts.

    enter passcode for installation

  4. After a few seconds, tweaksmo will be installed, you can find it in the homescreen.
  5. Now you can open the tweaks app & start jailbreaking or installing any premium apps for free!

    tweaksmo on iOS 12
    tweaksmo on iOS 12

That’s how you should install the tweaksmo app on your iPhone or IPad & jailbreak it without using Computer or Mac, alternatively, you can also do this exact steps by a Mac as well using iTunes.

2. Jailbreak iOS 12 Using UDID Registration

This is the method by which the developers test the ios applications and debug them. You can develop and automate the process by the TweakMo app. It will enable you to download the jailbreak app in the iPhone without even jailbreaking.

So TweakMo is the application you can use to install the jailbreak without the usage of the UDID method. There are many processes involved to download the jailbreak but half of your time will be saved if you use the TweakMo app to download the jailbreak ios 12.

3. Jailbreak iOS Using Cydia Impactor

Many jailbreak tools use the methods to effectively download the jailbreak. One such method is the Electra jailbreak for the ios 11 versions. But for the download of the jailbreak ios12, the TweakMo tools offer the Cydia Impactor as the method to download the jailbreak. You can follow the simple steps listed to perform the function-

  • You have to download the newest version of the Cydia Impactor from the official cydia impactor
  • Install the Cydia Impactor or on your PC or Mac, drag it to the application folder to install it. drag & drop impactor to application
  • Meanwhile, download the tweakmo IPA file.
  • Now connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using USB, accept the iTunes prompt if you receive.
  • The Cydia Impactor will detect your iPhone if it doesn’t reconnect the cables.
  • Launch the Impactor Cydia and drag and drop the TweakMo jailbreak IPA to the box launcher.
  • You will be asked your user id and password to continue, enter the details.
  • Now, you’ll be prompted with a warning claiming, the Apple Developer associate certificate will be revoked, just press ok to continue. 
  • Then, the restoring will begin to wait for some time to finish.
  • Once it is done, open Settings >> General >> Device Management option.
  • Select the Apple ID you entered previous, and tap trust.
  • Tap the trust, to verify the app.
  • Now, you can see the jailbreak app (in this case pangu)  in your homescreen.
  • Open the app & tap start. 
  • Wait for few seconds, congrats your device is successfully jailbreaked now!

4. The Electra jailbreak for iOS 12 

The apple is intent on keeping the update successful and stable. They are focusing on the performance of the update. There is an Electra jailbreak for iOS that is the very effective means to jailbreak.

It is the only tool that supports Cydia and ios 11 and the following versions. It is believed that again Electra will play a major role in the jailbreak of ios 12 as it did for the previous versions. CoolStar is the creator of this excellent Electra jailbreak.

So these are some of the important functions and the uses of the jailbreak ios 12. Try the methods and tools to jailbreak. Keep visiting JailbreakiOS for more such information!

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